Is your EPDM, PVC, or other single-ply roof leaking or showing signs of age or wear?
Are you worried about weak spots or discoloration that could turn into future leaks?
Would you like to improve the energy-efficiency of your building?

Our membrane coating system could be the perfect solution! Designed to protect PVC, EDPM, TPO, CSPE, CPA, and modified bitumen roofing systems, our membrane coating system can revitalize your aging roof and provide leak-proof protection for years to come.

Based in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Hertzler Commercial Roofing works with commercial customers across the state of Virginia.

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Stop Leaks for Good

Leaks and weak spots around seams, protrusions, or previous patching are common with most aging single-ply roofs. Our membrane coating system stops leaks by creating a superior protective barrier that seals the roof and prevents further damage.

Reduces Energy Costs

Our membrane coating system provides a white, reflective topcoat that stays up to 80 degrees cooler in the summer. That means savings of up to 84% on your heating and cooling bills.

No Need to Replace Your Roof

You’ll save money on costly tear-off, disposal costs, and downtime. Plus, we can apply our membrane coating system without any disruption to your normal operations.

Superior Protection

Our membrane coating system is the perfect choice for any weather climate, providing superior protection against UV rays, high winds, hail, and more.

Our Process

Proper preparation is the key to getting superior, waterproof results from our membrane coating system. That’s why our installation team spends most of our time properly preparing your roof using the steps below.

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Ask us about 30% Energy Savings over mod-bit, BUR, or EPDM!

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