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Are you worried about your aging metal roof? Do you have leaks? Does your roof have weak spots or rust?
If you’ve been concerned about your metal roof for awhile now, but dread replacement costs, we have good news for you.

Hertzler Commercial Roofing can extend the life of your roof without expensive tear-off or downtime. Plus, our innovative white, reflective top coat can help you save up to 84% on your energy bills!

Based in Harrisonburg, Virginia, our team of certified installers works with commercial customers in central Virginia and across the state.

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Get Seamless, Leak-Proof Protection that Lasts

While metal roofing offers superior strength and durability, its weakness lies in the seams. Loose fasteners and small gaps create leaks that get worse over time. Our metal roof restoration process eliminates leaks by closing the gaps and sealing roof seams, fixing current leaks and preventing new ones.

Superior Protection

Our complete metal restoration system is the perfect choice for any weather climate, providing superior protection against UV rays, high winds, hail, and more. Plus, we offer an 18-year non-prorated warranty!

No Downtime

We can perform the complete metal restoration process without disrupting your business. Your employees can keep working which means no expensive downtime!

Save on Your Energy Costs

Our multi-step metal roof restoration process ends with a white, reflective top-coat that reflects sunlight, keeping your roof’s surface up to 80 degrees cooler. That means savings of up to 84% on your cooling costs.

Our Process

Proper installation is essential for truly leak-proof protection that lasts. That’s why our installation team takes the time to properly prepare your roof using the following 4-step process.

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Ask us about 30% Energy Savings over mod-bit, BUR, or EPDM!

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